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what we do

custom photography designed to grow your business, increase conversions and build brand trust.

hello, I'm gina

a half Kiwi half Finnish creative with a love for light, warmth and beautiful things.

I grew up in cold rugged New Zealand, studying art, design and photography throughout school and university. I made Australia home 8 years ago.

When I am not in the studio you will find me drinking coffee, scouring the rain forests for wildlife and sneaking fresh water or salty swims.

Brand image of Gina holding Kind society reusable coffee cup in bed

my expertise

I specialise in product and branding photography.

Utilising natural light and careful staging, my photography allows you to take your online visual presence to the next level.

more than just an image

quality photography increases conversion

Using consistent, high quality, professional imagery across all brand platforms elicits trust and connection from your audience.

my mission

we tell your story allowing you to stand out from your competitors and most importantly grow

The latest

on the blog

Lauren from Alooku


Lauren from Alooku was launching her first grateful miles journal and required branding images to show her audience and customers who she is.

Lantern Cove candle styled with vase and photo frames

Lantern Cove

Lantern Cove needed product only and lifestyle images to update their website. We created beautiful warm and inviting images

Grateful miles journal on dark background and candle resting on top


Alooku created grateful miles for those who love to track their exercise journey with gratitude. This journal was created with love and they beautifully styled needed images to launch their new product and brand with.